MDS/TS - Merdec tent solution product

MDS/TS can be used in various cases from emergency structures to warehouses. MDS/TS and add-ons are typically used in the first months of a response to emergencies. MDS/TS product can be rapidly deployed and made ready for use, offering fit-for-use spaces in the shortest possible timeframe. It is made up of raised floor (MDS/BS), aluminum structure and basic tent-liner.


  • Emergency structures
  • First aid camps
  • Diaster relief camp facilities
  • Child space
  • Classroom
  • Storage/distribution
  • Warehouse

MDS/TSsw consist of raised floor and solid walls. MDS/TSsw and add-ons are used where the emergency need may reduce and/or recovery starts. MDS/TSsw offers more durable solution. It can keep its full functionality for at least 24 months. These structures can also be used to supplement where suitable local alternatives are not available.


  • Staff offices
  • Recreation
  • Basic health
  • Baby care/Early childhood care
  • Hospital/clinic
  • Storage/distribution
  • Warehouse

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